Aston Lodge Residents Association


The Aston Lodge Residents Association are currently working hard, to build a website. Please visit again soon.

We envisage that this page will be more static and layout the aim and objectives of the organisation and what we hope to achieve for the benefit of Aston Lodge Residents. Profiles of the committee could also appear on this page.

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This site is currently under construction.

Run by the residents for the residents

The aim of the Association is to improve Aston Lodge as a place to live by looking after our estate, developing our community and improving the environment to benefit the residents and nature.

As a community we can get things done to improve our estate and help each other by getting involved and taking the initiative.

This new website is being developed to help connect with a wider audience on Aston Lodge. It complements our very successful Facebook site (Aston Lodge Residents) and our email information service:

Please let us know if you have any ideas or information that you would like other residents to know about.