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We envisage that this page will be used primarily to describe the different clubs on the estate e.g. gardening and any relevant contact persons for each club. Whilst photos could of course appear on this page, updates about the clubs and their recent activities could be a news item. e.g. the gardening club have recently been working on tidying up the following footpaths (add photo).

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This site is currently under construction.

Gardening Club

A group of residents have started up the Aston Lodge Gardening Club. This is a large estate with some keen gardeners out there, as well as people who simply enjoy their garden space, nature and the outdoors. The Gardening Club are starting to exchange ideas and welcome anyone who is interested in gardening at any level whatsoever. There is a shared interest in growing your own fruit and veg as well as making a garden that is good for insects and birds. For now, you join the conversation on Facebook.

Parents Group

Details to follow.


Since the association was formed, we have been organising occasional Volunteer Work Parties, which have been focused on the footpaths across Aston Lodge, many of which had become overgrown and at times impassable.

Currently, it is unlikely that the Highways Authority or Borough Council will adopt the pathways around and through our estate and, frankly, we can do a decent job ourselves of maintaining them whilst respecting the natural environment.

Our Volunteer Work Parties are fun and sociable as well as a great way to get some fresh air and exercise. You can do as much or as little as you like, or you can just bring us a tray of tea!

You can register with the volunteer group leaders so that you get regular updates on volunteer sessions to find out if there is a session convenient for you. Most sessions are 45 minutes to an hour held at least once a week from Spring to Autumn.

Please email: to register your interest.