Aston Lodge Residents Association

Nature & Environment

Despite the large number of houses and considerable population on Aston Lodge, there is a wonderful array of flora and fauna, both on the estate and in the surrounding countryside. We know this because we are fortunate to have Dr David Emley, an experienced naturalist and photographer, living on the estate. Those of you who follow Aston Lodge Residents on Facebook, will have seen the amazing photographs of birds, insects and flowers that Dave (and other residents) have posted. We are very fortunate to have this information available to us and it has helped raise awareness to the incredible natural world that is right on our doorstep. ALRA is committed to supporting the improvement of the ecology and biodiversity on Aston Lodge. It benefits us all in so many ways and give us so much enjoyment.

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In the next few weeks we will be adding photo galleries and reports to this page. Dr Emley also hosts fascinating guided nature walks for us. Keep an eye on the Social & Events page, for news of upcoming events.