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This page contains news bulletins of interest to Aston Lodge residents.

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News Bulletins

News bulletins are listed in chronological order, with the most recent news first.

Staffordshire Policing Update - 3rd July 2021

Our local policing team and the Neighbourhood Policing Commander, Giles Parsons, recently hosted an online chat for the people of Stone. Here is a link to a summary of the meeting (held on 25th June 2021), from Chief Inspector Parsons, including details of our local policing team and how to contact them.

Speed Awareness Campaign - 22nd June 2021

Aston Lodge Residents Association (ALRA) have launched a campaign to tackle the issue of speeding motorists on Aston Lodge estate. The speed limit across the estate is 30mph but there are no official speed control signs to remind drivers of this and there are no traffic calming measures on the estate at all.

This is a great place to live and the vast majority of drivers stick to the speed limit but there are a few who treat our roads a bit like a race track. There's also a large number of delivery vans around the estate, often going too fast.

There is a risk to pedestrians as well as a noise nuisance. There are lots of people out and about including families, children and older residents who use the estate for exercise, dog walking and socialising. This has increased during the pandemic. The Highways Authority has been asked to review the issue on Aston Lodge but, inevitably, this will take time. Also we know that to install traffic calming measures is expensive and there are roads/areas much more in need of investment.

Therefore, ALRA decided to have a go at a DIY campaign to raise awareness. Residents were invited to submit artwork that could be used to make speed awareness signs. The designs have now been chosen and made into signs by a local printer. The signs will be installed by some residents in their front gardens and in prominent places. The signs will be in place for a month and then removed.

We are grateful to Stone Town Council who have supported this initiative with a grant of £250 to get the signs made. Thanks also to the resident youngsters who submitted artwork. They are represented by 5 year old Rosie, one of the winning artists who said 'We want cars to slow down and keep people safe'.

speed awareness signs image
Speed Awareness Signs near Ullswater Drive.

We hope that residents will support this short-term campaign to remind drivers to take care.

Letter From Staffordshire Fire and Rescue - 10th June 2021

I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself, having recently taken over as Station Manager with responsibility for Stone, Gnosall and Eccleshall Fire Stations. Letter from Liam Hickey.

Stone Community Speed Watch - 14th May 2021

Community Speed Watch is an initiative whereby local residents can help make a difference in their community by helping to reduce the speed that motorists travel through their village or town. If you are interested in volunteering, then please take a look at this Community Speed Watch leaflet.