Aston Lodge Residents Association

Health and Safety

for ALRA volunteers

Before undertaking any ALRA volunteering activities, it is very important that you are aware of the associated health and safety requirements, and any potential risks.  Also, please be aware of each other's capabilities (age, health etc.), and try to make sure that no one over exerts themselves... all contributions are valued (without any judgement).

The Health & Safety Executive (HSE) recommend that a Safe System of Work is adopted for each activity, and that appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is worn at all times, when working on footpaths, or in the road.  The following documents and links should cover any activity that you are likely to undertake as an ALRA volunteer.  However, if there's anything that you are not sure about, please speak to the person in charge (at the start of the session).

Note: If you don't follow the correct safe system of work and/or fail to wear appropriate PPE, there is an increased risk of injury (to both yourself and others) and, should an accident occur, you may not be covered by ALRA's insurance.

Safe Systems of Work

Adopting a safe system of work, minimises the level of risk for the task being carried out.  Below, are suggested safe systems of work and guidance, when using power tools, ladders and stepladders:

Note: You should also work in a safe manner when using hand tools, as these too can be dangerous, if used inappropriately.  Use the right tool for the job, keep the work area clear of debris, and consider others that may be working nearby.

Personal Protective Equipment

The risk of personal injury can also be reduced by wearing appropriate PPE (but please don't take any unnecessary risks).  Below, is a list of PPE, and when you may need to use it:

Working on Footpaths

When working on estate footpaths, please:

Working in the Road

Before starting work in the road (e.g. clearing weeds and debris from the gutters), or temporarily placing debris, cuttings etc. in the road, you need to ask a couple of key questions:

  1. Will someone using the road or footway from any direction understand exactly what is happening, and what is expected of them?
  2. Have I made the site safe to work in, and for the general public?

Full details of 'Safety at Street Works and Road Works', can be found in this Code of Practice document.  However, for the type of work carried out by volunteers, please consider the following:

Note: You can download a PDF of each of the above signs, by selecting the image.


Chainsaws are potentially dangerous machines, which can cause fatal or major injuries if not used correctly, and are NOT covered by ALRA's insurance.  For this reason, their use at ALRA volunteering sessions is prohibited.  Further information, relating to chainsaws, can be found on the HSE website.

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