Aston Lodge Residents Association

Summary of ALRA AGM

Held on 10th May 2022 at 6.45pm, in the upper playground area of Aston Lodge Park.


Robert Townsend, Lee Mountford, Helen Townsend, Qamar Siddiqi, Nigel Holmes, David Hunt and 16 Residents.

Welcome, Introductions & Process

Rob began by welcoming everyone to the meeting, and thanked Nigel and Ed for providing the PA system. He introduced the existing committee, before outlining the Agenda and the following Residents Q&A session.


The following reports were delivered by the existing committee officers:


Rob delivered the Chair's Report, explaining that since the last face-to-face AGM, it had not been possible for ALRA to hold events as normal, due to the Covid situation, but he was pleased to announce that our next social event would be the 'Picnic in the Park 2022'*.  The following is a summary of the topics covered in the Chair's report:

* For details of this and other ALRA activities, please see our April 2022 Newsletter.


Helen delivered the Secretary's Report. There have been nine committee meetings since the last AGM, all of which have agenda and minutes. There has also been a Special General Meeting to enable some minor changes to ALRA's' constitution.


Dave delivered the Treasurer's Report. He reviewed the overall fundraising and expenditure since ALRA was formed. The majority of previous fundraising was to finance the Blackies Lane campaign, but, looking to the future, there is a need for ALRA to hold some fundraising events for running costs and fund new projects. The current bank balance is £251.31 credit.

Election of the Committee Officers

All existing committee members stood down from ALRA. Qamar explained that he would not be seeking re-election, due to other commitments. He was thanked by Rob, on behalf of the committee, for his services to ALRA over the last 5 years.

Rob, Helen and Lee were proposed by residents for re-election, seconded by residents and re-elected. Nigel Holmes was elected as a new member of the committee (also proposed and seconded by residents).

Nigel then gave an update on the website, explaining how it provides an additional means of communication for ALRA and will hopefully prove to be a useful resource for Aston Lodge residents. He also said that feedback and suggestions for improvement or new content, were always welcome, via the Contact page.

Residents Q&A

On completion of formal business, residents were invited to participate in a Q&A session.

Estate Green Spaces

There was some discussion about the various pieces of land around the estate and how we might adopt/improve them.

Local Plan


Other Items

Closing Remarks

Rob thanked everyone for attending, and the meeting was concluded at around 7.45pm.

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