Aston Lodge Residents Association

Key Council Services

Council services/facilities, for Aston Lodge residents, are provided by Stone Town Council, Stafford Borough Council and Staffordshire County Council.

Local Council Logos
Local Councils

Use the tables below, to find the service that you are interested in, and identify the council that provides it. Then, go to the Council contact details section and select the council that you require.

Note: If you can't see the service/facility that you require, then go here, for a more comprehensive list of services provided by Stafford Borough Council.

Highways, Streetscene & Parking

Stone Town Council Stafford Borough Council Staffordshire County Council
Benches Litter and dog bins (most) Bus shelters (some)
Bus shelters (some) Off-street car parking:
  »  Crown Street
  »  Stafford Street
  »  Westbridge Park
  »  Christchurch Way
On-street car parking
Joules clock Street cleansing, including town centre Passenger transport and transport planning
Litter and dog bins (some) Street naming Public highways*
War memorials   Street lighting
    Traffic management

*To report pot holes, faulty street lights etc, go to: Report It.


Stone Town Council Stafford Borough Council Staffordshire County Council
Consider planning applications as consultee and pass comments back to Stafford Borough Council Consider and determine most planning applications Consider and determine specific planning applications
Prepare Stone Neighbourhood Plan Historic buildings/conservation areas Historic buildings
  Planning enforcement Minerals and waste planning
  Prepare plan for Stafford Borough Tree Preservation Orders Strategic planning


Stone Town Council Stafford Borough Council Staffordshire County Council
  »  Mount Street
  »  Newcastle Road
Parks and open spaces:
  »  Stonefield Park
  »  Westbridge Park
  »  Other parks and play areas
Community Centres:
  »  Frank Jordan Centre
  »  Stone Station
Sports and leisure centres:
  »  Alleyne's
  »  Westbridge Park
Parks & open spaces
Crown Meadow    

Other Key Services

Stone Town Council Stafford Borough Council Staffordshire County Council
Christmas lights Building regulations Concessionary travel
Grants to voluntary bodies Council Tax and Business Rates collection Consumer protection
Remembrance parade (with British Legion) Dog and pest control Economic development
Tourism and town development Economic development Education
Town Market Farmers Market Grants to voluntary bodies
  Food safety Personal Social Services
  Grants to voluntary bodies Public health
  Housing Refuse disposal/recycling
  Housing and Council Tax benefits Registration of births, marriages and deaths
  Licensing Tourism development
  Noise abatement Trading standards
  Public toilets
  »  Crown Street
  »  Station Road
  Refuse collection/recycling  
  Tourism development  

Council Contact Details

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